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  种类:作案 姿势

  地域:澳门 片长:暂未

  語言: 时代:2001年

  介绍:Mike(吴彦祖 饰)出生警员生活馆,可是爸爸妈妈早死,与小舅共处一室,始终被作为不必要的人。在警察局做警员太过卖力,又变成本行的眼中钉。心里烦闷的他只能在警察局自己冲凉时能够减轻心态。 多次任務中的生亡让Mike遭受处罚,组长他会放假。Mike在打游戏机的当时巧遇洪兴哥哥任擎天(曾志伟 饰),两人结缘。接着在酒店又巧遇任的媳妇Pauline(关秀媚 饰),Mike被漂亮的阿嫂打动。 组长最后决策让Mike去当臥底,伏击在任的身旁,而始终郁郁不得志的Mike却自打燃活得漂亮的如意算盘。──影片《知法犯法》由 知名导演麦子善 执行导演。

  Introduce:Mike (Wu Yan ancestor is acted the role of) the home of police of one's previous experience, regrettablly parents dies early, live together with the uncle, be regarded as all the time redundant person. The police is done in the police station too over- desperately, become the person of the same trade's eyesore again. He the heart is depressed has only in the police station a person rushs cool when ability alleviates mood. The accident in the task lets Mike get punish, the group leader lets him have a holiday. When Mike is making game machine, eldest brother of come across Hong Xing allows to prop up a day (Ceng Zhiwei is acted the role of) , 2 people become attached to. Be in wine shop subsequently the wife Pauline that come across holds the post of (Guan Xiumei is acted the role of) , mike is attracted by beautiful A elder brother's wife. The group leader decides finally to let Mike should lie bottom, ambuscade beside what allow, and depressed all the time the wishful thinking that does not get the Mike of annals to hitting stand out oneself however.






出演:曾志伟吴彦祖关秀媚安雅林雪何华超 种类:作案 姿势 地域:澳门 片长:暂未 語言: 时代:2001年 介绍:Mike(吴彦祖 饰)出生警员生活馆,可是爸爸妈妈早死,与小舅共处一室,